An International Art Collective- connecting countries and tiny places with original Art works and unique experiences.

 "“Curiosità” è il titolo giusto per una mostra così composita e diversa. Riflette probabilmente la stessa curiosità della curatrice, artista lei stessa, che si confronta con la diversità dei suoi amici e colleghi d’arte. Vuole stimolare un preciso atteggiamento del visitatore, a cui è richiesto di muoversi nella diversità di materiali, colori, emozioni, culture che le opere rappresentano."

-Prof. Maria Fonte






(Reggio Calabria)

July/August (3weeks)


First Exhibition


Curated by Ana Rosa Louis 

Co-curated by Chaira Mosciatti

-In collaboration with the Comune di Camini


This collective was founded in August 2019 after a group exhibition (Curiosita) in Camini, a small village in Calabria. It was curated by Ana Rosa Louis an Artist from London, she is a volunteer with refugees and was an intern in the Mayors office in Camini. She also has a background in Anthropology.

Camini is a "paese di accoglienza" which means a place of welcome- they have hosted many refugees from all over Africa, the Middle East and Asia. The exhibition was also another way of connecting with the refugee community and helping some of the younger refugees get a bit of work experience.

Whilst in Camini she met an Anthropologist who loved the exhibition and invited her to display it at an Anthropology Summer school- a joint venture between the University of Milano-Bicocca and the Univeristy of Malta. Ana Rosa was the youngest lecturer on the teaching team and also taught a workshop.

After Malta she decided to make the most of the exhibitions success and create the Curiosita Collettiva so we can return next year and include other places!

Curiosita Collettiva is a non-profit organisation although our work is for sale (contact the artists individually). Our aim is to bring unique, positive unexpected and eye opening experiences to places in need.


University of Malta/Milano Bicocca



Anthropology Summer School + Lecture and workshop- run by Ana Rosa Louis

Summer School Organised by Francesco Vietti (Bicocca) and Rachel Radmilli (Malta)

To curate this first exhibition Ana Rosa Louis took inspiration from an adopted kitten who liked to climb to the top of the abandoned houses in Camini. She used her background in Anthropology to relate to the local people and refugees and then picked artists she thought would best connect with the people and place. It was a non-political event as the political climate in South Italy was very stressful and people needed some relief. 

It coincided with the Festa di San Nicola, a very important event for Camini. 


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